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The Growing Trend of Eco-friendly Restaurants

The uproar about environmental issues such as global warming is gaining momentum by the day. Climate variations are getting increasingly unpredictable. In such a scenario, environmentalists across the globe are getting more vocal about bringing down the level of carbon emissions and keep a check on the rise in the global temperatures. Part of the problem is rooted in the ever expanding construction industry, a sector known to be a high emissions playground. That is precisely where green building or eco-friendly construction comes into the picture.

Green construction includes the application of materials and methods which are resource-efficient and easy on the surroundings during the entire life span of a structure. Long discarded as being expensive, eco-friendly construction has witnessed a dramatic increase in its prevalence due to the several benefits it offers over traditional techniques.

Eco-friendly restaurants have evolved in acknowledgement to the understanding that building processes usually have an adverse effect on the ecosystem and natural resources. Transportation of materials to different corners of the globe is one of the prime sources of dangerous emissions as it entails a considerable measure of oil. Besides that, dangerous chemicals are also emitted from inadequately planned buildings that produce and trap them.

Building designers, restaurant owners, manufacturers and architects worldwide are currently utilising green construction techniques, in light of ecological concerns and the natural resources accessible, combined with the present day technological advancements.

Modern construction methods that incorporate eco-friendly techniques include construction with clay-based material combined with water and deploying bales of straw as the core of the building’s structure. Straw is an excellent insulator that filters the air crossing through it and opposed to popular belief, it is also fire-resistant when compressed. Besides its environmental benefits, straw is also quite economical as a building material.

Builders of eco-friendly and sustainable homes and restaurants, like Mick Fabar, strive continuously to reduce reliance on energy from non-renewable sources, for instance, coal. To achieve that, they fit solar boards to utilise solar energy and create windows in a manner that provides the maximum amount of natural light and consequently, decreases the usage of electric light bulbs. Such measures make sure that the restaurant or any other building for that sake, deploys energy in a productive manner. Energy efficiency is crucial not only for the customers and staff members but also for the planet as non-renewable energy sources are costly and contaminate the atmosphere.

Air quality inside a restaurant is contingent on set-up within and how it influences the occupants. This set-up comprises of lighting, ergonomics, and the heating framework. An optimum indoor setting is one that safeguards the well-being of the occupants, decreases anxiety and enhances their quality of air within. Eco-friendly restaurants accomplish this by means of installing of operable windows which allow maximum sunlight to enter. That discourages the use of substances that may release particles which can impact the health of the customers.

Green building also involves the use of different sources of water like rainwater, which consequently decreases wastage of water by the installation of pipes that are cost-effective. Such plumbing framework brings down the strain on shared water resources significantly by  enabling recycling.

If you intend to open a restaurant, opt for an eco-friendly restaurant. You’ll soon discover that it is cost effective, healthier and minimises your impact on the environment, safeguarding the future of the planet.

Salon and restaurant

Restaurant Plus Salon: First Ever Restaurant Where You Can Get Beauty Treatment

Competition amongst restaurants today is reaching cut throat proportions and owners are looking for new and innovative avenues to garner bigger and bigger slices of the customer pie. However, there are certain parameters with which owners can go that far and no further – novel menus, refurbished ambience, crockery, cutlery, quality of food and online services. All these have today been stretched to breaking point and the restaurant industry is truly facing testing times. The only way out then is to go off the beaten track to lure in diners with experiments that can only be termed as the product of highly creative minds.

One such effort is really paying off in the UK. Consider this scenario at Hurwundeki in London – you walk into a restaurant, have your full of the most delicious food that you can possibly hope for and then have a shave and a haircut before leaving the premises, fresh and full of energy.

Going at this rate, things are bound to become more sophisticated in future. Waiting rooms at beauty salons will in all probability be turned into gourmet restaurants where you can have the finest of cuisines before going through with your scheduled appointment with the beautician. Here too the salons in sync with the class of the restaurant will be highly sophisticated, having the best laser and IPL beauty treatment with the help of IPL laser machines for skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal procedures. What today seems to be Utopian will in all probability be common in future.

Coming back to Hurundeki, owner Ki Chul, all of 46 years old says that this is London’s and Britain’s only hairdresser-cum-restaurant and more than 100 customers opt for a 15 minute haircut with many more partaking of the food, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply a cup of steaming freshly brewed coffee. Rates for the salon time are quite reasonable, £9 for men and £14 for women haircut.

A visit to Hurundeki will definitely be an enlightening experience for the first timer. The front part of the premises houses the restaurant. The food which is basically Korean is reasonably priced and easy on the pocket with starters being less than £5 and the main courses under £8. You get a choice of bibimbap, crisp fried dumplings, blanched or pickled vegetables, marinated beef and fat pork belly with garlic, kimchi and spicy doenjang sauce. After you have finished, walk through an archway for a hip haircut even though the barbershop chairs are of 1950 vintage.

Surprised about this combo? But Ki explains things and puts them in the proper perspective on why he opted for this strange yet highly innovative experiment. “I love both, I care about both, and I’m good at both. There is a deeper affinity: good cooking and good hairdressing, both demand a true understanding of your raw materials and a mastery of technique: they’re about transforming ingredients, through a highly skilled process. They’re both also about aesthetics; presentation matters.”

Finally, what exactly is Hurwundeki? It means “hair” in the dialect of Jeju Island, South Korea.


How to Start a Restaurant Business Successfully

Moving demographics and changing ways of life are prompting the surge in the foodservice industry. Consumers are too occupied with their jobs and personal lives to have the time or inclination to cook.

Despite the seemingly bright future of the restaurant industry, in general, there are no assurances around here. Indeed, even the best restaurateurs will let you know this isn’t a “get rich fast” business. It’s more similar to a “buckle down and bring home the bacon” business.

The matter of the fact is that a vast majority of budding restaurateurs end up quitting their dream of success in this industry in the very first year of opening their restaurant. Nevertheless, that in no way implies your restaurant business has to be an exceedingly intricate operation. Making your process more streamlined, will without a doubt, enhance the probabilities of your success.

It is vital to adopt an approach that is a blend of diligence, commitment and patience.  The following tips will enable you to start and run a successful restaurant and avoid issues that result in forgettable customer experiences.

Establishing an eatery that becomes the talk of the town for all the good reasons ought to be your core objective. Your restaurant must have the appeal to compel the visitors to come back for repeat business. Word of mouth publicity often proves to be of the prime significance for any restaurant. If your customers are happy with your restaurant’s ambience and the food served there, they will not only visit again but also enthusiastically recommend it to others. However, it is not as simple as it seems to be. Many restaurants fail to get a good start due to their inability to create a lasting impression in the mind of the customers.

Very regularly we see menus with page after page of distinct food offerings. While this abundance of choice is incredible in principle, it can be a touch overwhelming for the customers. In the restaurant business, it is advisable to opt for quality instead of quantity.

In addition, when you offer everything under the sun, it turns out to be practically difficult to make all the dishes equally sumptuous.

Eatery incomes are specifically identified with what number of individuals traverse the entryway in a day. Furthermore, with the competition increasing by the day, a fruitful eatery must have the capacity to serve whatever number as could be expected under the circumstances.

Many restaurateurs these days prefer a cafeteria-style seating arrangement which is one of the growing trends in this industry. However, instead of that you can also opt for a sophisticated yet simple layout to draw customers.

Memorabilia is also an extraordinary approach to boost your odds of success. Hundreds or more of your customers wearing your marked shirts and using your logoed cutlery and glasses is an exceptionally viable advertising tool. Particularly considering the followers paid you for the benefit of publicising your eatery.

Last but not the least; you can get in touch with professional business consultants in Melbourne as they can help you establish your restaurant using their experience and expertise.


Opt for Professional Cleaning Services over Local Help for your Restaurant

There are certain times in life when even the most dynamic of the DIY types have to take professional help. I have seen people doing a hundred different odd jobs themselves even when experts are available on call. Electrical work, tree pruning and removal, roof gutter cleaning, painting interiors and exteriors of the house are a few examples in this regard. But there is one area that should not be taken up by individuals or entrusted to local and amateur cleaners and that is cleaning of restaurants. This is a highly technical and complex activity best left to those trained in this field.

As an owner of a restaurant, you’ll obviously be looking for the best restaurant cleaning service. The lifeblood of any restaurant is ambience, cleanliness and service apart from the quality and variety of the food. Even a slight fall in standards in any of these parameters can spell doom for business. Under these circumstances, what are the factors that you should focus on when opting to hire professional restaurant cleaners?

The first point is to hire reputed cleaning companies who have the required proficiency in this field. Not all commercial and office cleaning companies can do justice to the job. Hire agencies that have as their clients well known restaurants of bigger or at least equal in scale and business to yours. They will know the tricks of the trade and will do a thorough job of the cleaning routine.

The next step is to ensure that they can come in at the hours set by you. All restaurants do not have uniform timings. Some open for breakfast, some for lunch. The cleaners must finish their routine before that. Further, they must also come in after closing time, whenever that might be to clean up again, take out the garbage and clean the kitchen of all grease and stains. All appliances should be wiped including the stove and ovens so that for the kitchen staff they have a healthy environment in which to resume their duties the next day.

A very important factor in restaurant cleaning is the solutions used. Conventional cleaning products contain toxic and harsh chemicals that affect those in the vicinity. This is why most commercial establishments are opting for cleaning agencies that use green, mild and non-toxic cleaning products so that the health of employees is always protected. It is particularly relevant for restaurants where a fresh eco-friendly ambience should prevail at all times, whether it is in the dining area, the kitchen or the washrooms. Apart from the health of the patrons, the food too should be unaffected by cleaning solutions used by the cleaners, especially in the kitchen. Insist positively on this aspect when finalising any cleaning contract for your restaurant.

Finally, focus on the safety and security of your place. Prefer a cleaning company that has the antecedents of potential cleaners verified by the police before hiring them. You can thereby be confident of the reliability and dependability of the cleaners who come in every day when your staff is not around. Further, hire a company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured to be assured of the quality of service that you expect from them.

These are the reasons why you should hire professional restaurant cleaners over local owners for optimising the cleaning requirements of your restaurant.


A Guide to Opening a Restaurant

In the recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the food service operations. This growing prominence of restaurants can be credited to the soaring numbers of individuals with a preference to dine out. Changing demographics and ways of life are prompting the surge in the restaurant industry. People nowadays are bound by hectic work schedules and therefore, don’t have the time or interest to cook. They want the taste of fresh meal without the bother of cooking.

Be that as it may, there’s still adequate scope for aspiring restaurateurs in the market to open a new eatery and succeed in the foodservice industry.

While there aren’t many businesses that are as exciting and financially rewarding as the restaurant business, it’s also one of the most challenging businesses to launch successfully. In case you intend to open your restaurant, it is advisable to bide your time and formulate a proper business plan. Failing to put a blueprint for setting up and expanding your business has been the downfall of many restaurateurs.

Before you take the leap, carefully assess every detail of your restaurant. From kitchen tools and menus to recruiting employees and arranging air conditioning in Ringwood, you ought to take everything into consideration before you commence your operations.

One of the most important aspects of starting eatery business is air conditioning. The success of your restaurant is highly contingent on its reputation, which is established on different factors that affect the overall dining experience. Besides the quality of the food, which is undoubtedly essential, the ambience also assumes an important role. It is important to provide a pleasant and stress-free environment to your clients and for precisely that reason, you need to opt for restaurant air conditioning in Mornington.


Choosing Your Restaurant’s Location

Not each accessible space is a good fit for an eatery. To find a decent location to open a restaurant is much harder a task than it seems. What may resemble the ideal spot-say a marketplace swarming with locals and tourists in the heart of downtown may end up being a flop. A different time a restaurant opened at an isolated and not so crowded spot may turn out to be a runaway hit. There are different factors at play that determine the success of an eatery. The quality of food and customer service assumes a vital role in the success of a restaurant, yet the location can be pretty much as significant.

You may open the most beautiful restaurant that has the most exquisite interiors and serves the most delicious dishes. However, if your customers can’t find it easily, all your efforts are bound to go waste. Inspite of the fact that the rent is affordable, the build-out credits are as you want them to be, and the restaurant has an unrivaled ambience, your restaurant may not guarantee good returns on your investment. Additionally, if you select an inappropriate location, your marketing expenditures may eventually drag the venture into debt, leading to its downfall. Therefore, it is important to select a location that is accessible and easy to find out.

It is also important to keep in mind that your location must be unique and interesting enough to draw potential customers. In the recent times, we have witnessed many creative ideas for opening a restaurant. One of the most creative ideas for restaurant location is to open it in a tree. A tree restaurant offers a breathtaking setting in nature’s lap to your customers along with a stunning view of the surrounding space. In case you looking to embrace this idea, it is advisable to get in touch with a professional and reliable firm that offers tree removal in Melbourne. The safety of your customers ought to be your priority and for that reason precisely it is imperative to take professional assistance when setting up a tree restaurant.

Financial and time constraints often compel restaurant owners to settle on locations that are simply not good. Be that as it may, it is vital to keep in mind that location is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of your restaurant.